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by REIT Wrecks on August 21, 2008

Lhis is the most complete, up-to-date Mortgage REIT list on the web; prices and yields update daily at the close. It includes links to the latest news and the home page of all REIT stocks on the list but one (Webster Preferred). The list is organized alphabetically and categorized by investment strategy.

Given all that has happened to Mortgage REITs, I included the good, the bad and the ugly; If it still trades, even fitfully, it’s listed. The list is updated carefully however, and it does include all REITs that managed to go public in Q2 and Q3 of 2009. Links to additional REIT lists by property type can be found below the table. Sadly, investing in some Mortgage REITs has become an exercise in buying penny stocks.


Prices & Yields Update Daily at the Close

REIT Name Focus Last Price Change Yield News
American Capital Agency Agency $5.25 +0.21 13.00% AGNC
Annaly Capital Mgmt Agency $5.25 +0.21 13.00% NLY
Anworth Mortgage Agency $5.25 +0.21 13.00% ANH
Appollo Real Estate Finance Commercial $5.25 +0.21 13.00% ARI
Arbor Realty Trust Commercial $5.25 +0.21 13.00% ABR
Armour Residential Residential $8.98 +0.13 4.50% ARR
Ashford Hospitality Trust Hybrid/Hotel $5.25 +0.21 Eliminated AHT
Bimini Capital Mgmnt Residential $1.21 +0.00 Eliminated BMNM
BRT Realty Trust Commercial $5.25 +0.21 Eliminated BRT
Capital Lease Commercial $5.25 +0.21 13.00% LSE
Capital Trust Commercial $5.25 +0.21 Eliminated CT
Capstead Mortgage Corp Agency $5.25 +0.21 13.00% CMO
Chimera Investment Corp Non-Agency $5.25 +0.21 13.00% CIM
Colony Capital Commercial $5.25 +0.21 13.00% CLNY
CreXus Investment Commercial $5.25 +0.21 13.00% CXS
Crystal River Capital Commercial $.41 +0.00 N/A CYRV.OB
Cypress Sharpridge Agency $5.25 +0.21 IPO CYS
Deerfield Capital Management (now “Wisdom Tree”) Commercial $5.25 +0.21 13.00% DRF
Dynex Capital Commercial $5.25 +0.21 13.00% DX
Eastern Light Capital Residential Jumbo (concentration in CA) $5.25 +0.21 Eliminated ELC
ECC Capital Capital Residential Subprime $0.045 +0.00 Eliminated ECRO.PK
First Republic Preferred Capital Corp Commercial/Residential $5.25 +0.21 N/A FRCCO
First Trust/FIDAC Commercial/Residential $5.25 +0.21 13.00% FMY
Grammercy Capital Corp Hybrid/Commercial $5.25 +0.21 Eliminated GKK
Hatteras Financial Agency $0.90 +0.00 13.00% HTS
Invesco Mortgage Capital RMBS/CMBS
$5.25 +0.21 IPO IVR
iStar Financial Commercial $5.25 +0.21 Eliminated SFI
JER Investors Trust Commercial $.12 +0.00 Eliminated JERT.PK
MFA Mortgage Residential Agency $5.25 +0.21 13.00% MFA
Newcastle Investment Corp Commercial/Agency $5.25 +0.21 Eliminated NCT
New York Mortgage Trust Residential/Agency $5.25 +0.21 13.00% NYMT
Northstar Realty Finance Commercial Whole Loans/Net Lease $5.25 +0.21 13.00% NRF
Novastar Residential $1.11 +0.00 Eliminated NOVS.PK
Penny Mac Residential $5.25 +0.21 0.00% PMT
PMC Trust Commercial/Small Balance $5.25 +0.21 13.00% PCC
RAIT Financial Trust Commercial/Net Lease $5.25 +0.21 13.00% RAS
Realty Finance Corp Commercial $0.05 +0.00 Eliminated RTYFZ.PK
Redwood Trust Majority Residential $5.25 +0.21 13.00% RWT
Resource Capital Corp Commercial $5.25 +0.21 13.00% RSO
Starwood Capital Group Commercial, CMBS $5.25 +0.21 13.00% STWD
Thornburg Mortgage Residential Jumbo $0.01 +0.00 Eliminated THMRQ.PK
Two Harbors Investment Residential Agency $5.25 +0.21 13.00% CLA
Vestin Realty Mortgage Trust Commercial $5.25 +0.21 Eliminated VRTB
Walter Investment Management Residential Subprime $5.25 +0.21 N/A WAC
Webster Preferred Capital Corp. Commercial/Residential $5.25 +0.21 N/A WBSTP
Winthrop Realty Trust Commercial $5.25 +0.21 N/A FUR

See also the REIT Definition post, which provides more information on REIT Wrecks’s raison d’etre. That definition helps explain why there may be some interesting dividend plays in the REIT universe. However, especially with Mortgage REITs, investors need to scrutinize REIT dividends very very carefully.

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Click here for a REIT ETF List
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Click here for a list of Non-Traded REITs
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Information on how REITs work can be found in the post REIT Definition.

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