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Is iStar Sprouting A Portfolio Full of Contingent Liabilities?

September 4, 2008

iStar, the embattled Mortgage REIT, has been taking it on the chin recently. Last quarter, they set aside $217 million for bad loans, and a $45 million charge for mark to market losses. The REIT’s high profile developer defaults in Miami, the epicenter of the bubble, are already well-known. However, its new get tough policy […]

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SFI Taking 2009 to the Bank

July 31, 2008

Where did THAT banana come from? IStar announced earnings today, along with an estimated 50% cut in the dividend. The cut was signaled pretty clearly in a pre-announcement on July 18th. IStar set aside $217 million noncash for bad loans, which thankfully was much less that the high end of the $275 range they estimated […]

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IStar Dividend Appears to be in Jeopardy

July 18, 2008

Is IStar the Canary in the Coal Mine, or is this Just Fremont Coming Home to Roost?IStar saw the need to issue interim estimated earnings estimates for the second quarter today, and it wasn’t encouraging. As a result of loan losses and impairments uncovered during the Company’s quarterly risk review process, IStar said it now […]

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Powered By GE, SFI Sinks Three Pointer on Fremont Debt

May 15, 2008

SFI To Use Net Proceeds of $960 Million Financing to Repay Existing Debt Costar reported today that GE Real Estate’s New York regional office completed a $960million interest-only first mortgage financing with iStar Financial Inc., secured by 34 single-tenant office, R&D and industrial properties in 12 states. According to Costar, this financing for iStar represents […]

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