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Agency Mortgage REIT Dividends Get Better & Better

June 25, 2009

Shamefully, I haven’t done much with Agency Mortgage REITs here, but the times they are a changing. Agency REITs are killing it on net interest spreads, and that is causing higher net incomes and increased dividends. What else could an investor want, next to a portfolio of government-guaranteed mortgage debt? Not surpringly, many investors screech […]

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REITs Quietly Sell Stock Overnight at a Discount; Next Day Pop Fries Shorts

June 8, 2009

If Frank Quattrone could start over, he would be a REIT banker. REITs staged a huge rally this quarter, almost $15 billion in new equity has been raised through 45 public offerings this year, and even the Italians are descending upon New York to list new deals. With REIT stocks now being served up like […]

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Buy This Residential Mortgage REIT, Says JP Morgan

April 3, 2009

For those of you who are pursuing more intrepid REIT investing strategies, the case of Redwood Trust (RWT) may be relevant. The news is old only because it occured on March 16th, but the thesis is definitely more eternal. Redwood’s primary business is investing in the absolute eye of the storm: single family residential real […]

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Muddled REIT Book Values Create Opportunities

March 11, 2008

REITWrecks: March 11, 2008 Investing in REITs is not for the faint of heart these days. Write-downs are easier to come by than cheap commissions, and huge losses are more common than ice cubes in a fresh cocktail. And while you may need a cocktail if you own any of these stocks, calculating GAAP book […]

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