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RSO Dividend Going the Way of the Snail Darter?

August 5, 2008

SNAIL DARTER(Percina (Imostoma) tanasi) FAMILY: Percidae STATUS: On October 9, 1975, this species was officially classified in the Federal Register as endangered. Resource Capital Corp reported yesterday. Ominously, REIT taxable income for the quarter was less than its declared dividend, and RSO reduced future dividend guidance to .37-.39/quarter. Still, RSO year-to-date earnings are ahead of […]

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The Trouble With TruPs

June 18, 2008

After looking at some potential apartment acquisitions in Ohio last week (shameless plug: Chris Germain, San Francisco), American Airlines flew me back home through the lively metropolis of St. Louis. During the layover, I had a chance to read the St. Louis Business Journal, which featured on its front page a story about bad loans […]

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