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Capital Source Abandons REIT status

November 4, 2008

For the sake of good order, I need to post the fact that Capital Source has decided to revoke its REIT status after writing about CSE’s chameleon-like transformation into a bank, among other things, in the postMortgage REITs & Custer’s Last Stand. Morphing into a bank allows CSE to take advantage of inexpensive, stable deposits […]

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Mortgage REITs & Custer’s Last Stand

September 28, 2008

With news Sunday of a breakthrough, finally, on what Hank Paulson is calling the “Troubled Asset Recovery Plan”, it looks like the government will officially be in the Mortgage REIT business by Tuesday or Wednesday. This will undoubtedly bring significant, long term changes to the Mortgage REIT business. And while some Mortgage REITs may have […]

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