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REIT Stocks: 4 Ways to Play the Carnage

March 4, 2009

If you’re looking for the best REIT stocks, you should review the definition of an oxymoron and maybe also have your sanity checked. Since REITs peaked in February 2007, the sector is down 75%, as measured by the benchmark MSCI U.S. REIT Index and 64% since last September alone. Equity REIT yields are the now […]

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Apartment REITs are Right Now

December 12, 2008

Two weeks ago, I wrote that a very good buyside analyst I know was selectively buying all the Apartment REITs he could get his hands on. He told me this after closing out his iStar short, which he took from $20 to $8, so I was pretty interested in what he had to say. In […]

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The Case For Buying REIT Preferreds

August 12, 2008

If you’re thinking about buying pref shares, here it is in a nutshell: Commodity prices are now way down and the dollar up, which may afford room for yet another Fed rate reduction. Because they sit a notch higher on the capital stack, combined with historically high spreads over the current 10 year UST, preferreds […]

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Conservative Investors: Apartment REITs Offer Safety Amid Market Turmoil

April 23, 2008

Despite the industry wide turmoil in REITs and real estate, the Multifamily Executive News Service reports that Apartment REITs seem to be faring well, according to a recent study from Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services. Things might not look as good as 2006 and 2007, but they still aren’t bad, according to George Skoufis, S&P’s […]

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Play Subprime Safely With These Residential REITs

March 20, 2008

Back in 2005, executives at Camden Property Trust (CPT), a REIT specializing in large apartment complexes, were worried. Why had they been unable to maintain their average occupancies at historical levels? They fanned out across the country to talk with CPT property managers, who complained of having to turn down the credit of applicants for […]

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