JP Morgan Likes Brandywine (BDN) and Entertainment Properties Trust (EPT)

by REIT Wrecks on July 8, 2009

JP Morgan analyst Anthony Paolone is understandably not bullish on commercial real estate fundamentals, but since the public market is typically ahead of the private market in terms of valuations, he does like certain REITs.

Brandwine in particular has both refinanced existing debt, and repurchased its own debt on the open market (for a quick explanation of the accounting behind debt repurchases, read Muddled REIT Book Values Create Opportunity). The ability to delever in this market is obviously muy bueno, even though Brandywine also diluted shareholders to death in the process.

Paolone also thinks (BDN) will pay a special dividend in Q4. Be aware of the fact that JP Morgan was joint lead underwriter on BDN’s very dilutive equity offering, so do look carefully beneath the hood before plunging in.

Enjoy the vid!

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