Apartment REITs Holding Up, But No Longer A Sanctuary

by REIT Wrecks on August 20, 2008

According to Bloomberg Indexes, REIT investors have beaten the S&P 500 so far this year, especially if they invested in owners of apartments and self-storage buildings. The National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts reports that apartment equity REITs jumped 11.88% in July, second only to health care REITs, which notched an 11.94% jump for the month. Small comfort to those still trying to dig out from under the rubble of Mortgage REITs:

But now the specter of job losses is beginning to spread the gloom into this sector as well. As would-be renters are doubling up in apartments or moving in with friends and families, rents and occupancy rates on apartments are beginning to fall in many cities. The so-called “growth” in many areas of the country was illusory and tied to the housing boom (construction, mortgage brokerage, remodeling, borrowing on home equity to pay for dinners out, etc.). Long term, the trends have never been better for Apartment REITs, but right now there is just no place to hide.

Click here for a complete Apartment REIT list, including current yields. See also REIT Definition for an explanation of how REITs work. Scroll down for more REIT and real estate related news, resources and links.

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